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Mar 31 2011


Planning for a wedding in Toronto starts as much as a year in advance. Each item relating to the wedding is given special care and attention. Couples spend much time thinking about the wedding invitation Toronto before they arrive at a selection.

In general, wedding invitations Toronto are selected to match the theme of the wedding and the extent of formality. One can select from a simple style to a highly ornate style as far as the design is concerned and match it with appropriate card stock and an envelope. The card can be a simple gatefold or a tri-fold, finishing it off with a lovely ribbon trim tied in a knot or a bow (the color matches the bride’s dress). The whole look can be modernistic, classic or traditional to suit your aesthetics.

Of course, there are some who would advise that you save money you would spend by getting the cards created and printed elsewhere by designing and printing the cards on your home computer and color or inkjet printer. A benefit is that this  gives you the chance to personalize  each card with the name of the invitee. This does involve some hassles. Overall, the amount you save would be marginal.

It is far better to select a suitable designer or print house that will create a very unique card for you. They will have in-house designers who will create the graphics, lay out the text and create a design that will be pleasing overall and will harmonize with the wedding theme. They will also offer you a variety of options on the card stock, the type of paper —parchment or vellum or any other special paper you like—on which the invitation is printed, choices of embellishments and so on. All you need to do is spend a little time with them to tell them how exactly you would like your card to be designed with colors, font style, the wording and graphics and their layout and positioning. After giving their designer a general guideline on this you can sit back and relax, attend to your other important matters related to the wedding and have the invitations ready and delivered to you.  The cost of invitation cards is marginal when you think of all the expenses entailed in a wedding and having professionals handling design and printing of your wedding cards is always a better idea. They will prepare a layout and give you a proof to check. Be very careful to check the spellings, the timing, the date and venue to ensure there is no mistake anywhere. Designers and printers of wedding invitation Toronto will have  a range of cards to suit every budget from highly stylized and ornamental ones with full embellishments to simple and elegant ones. Whichever you select you can be sure you will get a perfect card that will be appreciated by the invitees.

By Rafi Michael